About us

About Viemose DGS

Our history:

Viemose DGS was founded in Aarhus, Denmark in 1947 as a greenhouse manufacturer. In 2020 Viemose DGS made the decision to focus on Greenhouse Cultivation Systems, using our large knowledge capital building on more than 70 years of experience in the industry, to create a future where the cultivation of vegetables is clean, green and efficient.

Our DNA:

Since 1988 we have manufactured the best and strongest Moving Gutter Systems and Vertical Farm systems, with longevity of 25 years+ and the highest ROI of any cultivation system on the market.


We are the world’s No. 1 supplier of Moving Gutter Systems. We work for, and highly value, long term partnerships with our customers.


Highly experienced engineers design the optimal layout for the customer, in cooperation with the customer.


We communicate with our customers as often as needed – we are here for you.


We work with financial institutions to offer pre-approved customers up to 5 years’ financing scheme to help start up projects.


In-house manufacture of systems and own production of gutters ensure the highest quality, tailor-made for you.


We ship on-time and work with the best and most reliable forwarders world-wide.


We offer Supervised installation in cooperation with local teams or full installation by our own teams.


We partner up with the best sub-suppliers in the business and can supply any system needed in a turn-key solution, such as seeding, irrigation, lighting, climate control etc.


We offer 10+5 years’ warranty on our Moving Gutter Systems and Vertical Farm solutions.


We offer daily on-line support for our cultivation systems and 24/7 online software support.

About Viemose

Viemose was founded in Aarhus in 1947. Our history – as well as others – tells the tale of a company which has gone through periods with different challenges.

In Viemose it is our vision to create a future where the cultivation of vegetables is more efficient, cleaner and greener.

Today Viemose is the largest greenhouse- and greenhouse equipment manufacturer in Scandinavia, and we export our greenhouses and our cost-efficient, environmental friendly and fully automated greenhouse production systems to all of Europe, Russia and the US.

Viemose is a modern engineering house concerned with development and manufacturing of exceptional and up to date products, technology and practices for the horticultural greenhouse industry.

We are a wholly owned- Danish company with more than 60 years’ experience. We are experts in facilitating all stages of greenhouse projects, from in-house engineering design and development, to consultancy, sales, production, construction and aftersale service.

We have through our many years in the industry gathered a large knowledge capital, which along with our highly skilled employees make us a professional and innovative organization prepared for the future challenges of the greenhouse cultivation sector.

​Our services



We have developed two different types of benches that meet today’s demands for efficient plant production.

About Us


“The future meets tradition”. We are creating a both cleaner, greener and more efficient industry.



Our Moving Gutter System (MGS) is designed to reduce energy and water consumption, thereby reducing both your production costs and your environmental footprint.

Vertical Farming


Your production is moved directly into the future. Enabling production in any place, while reducing both your production costs and your environmental footprint.

Transport systems


We are specialized in development, production and installation of high technology transport systems and processing systems for horticultural producers.