Sustainable Development Goals

In compliance with several UN Sustainable Development Goals

With our MGS and Vertical Farming system, we help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the horticultural sector. Enabling a massive increase in production yields while using fewer resources.

Our MGS and Vertical Farming system enables production of greens even in places with scarce resources. The construction and implementation of automated farming systems worldwide will ensure that nutritious and beneficial vegetables and greens are available for consumers in any part of the world.


Our Moving Gutter System is reducing the water consumption in lettuce and herbs production 30 times. Our solution furthermore purifies and reuses the irrigation water avoiding unnecessary fertilizer waste, thus contributing to cleaner water in the future.


With high levels of productivity and technological innovation our MGS and Vertical Farming systems contributes to sustained economic growth as part of an essential innovation of the horticultural sector of vegetables and greens.


Our vertical farming solution helps to promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization. By allowing the production of vegetables to become part of the urban structure, the massive carbon footprint caused by transportation of cultivated goods is severely reduced.


Our Vertical Farming system contributes to the development of green public spaces and innovative urban planning. With Vertical Farming the production of greens can be moved close to the end consumers as an efficient and innovating part of the urban structure.


Our MGS and vertical farming system helps to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns by carefully controlling the resources used in production, avoiding unnecessary use of both water, energy, fertilizer and transportation.


Our MGS and Vertical Farming system foster innovation and supports national plans to achieve targets.