Environmental Policy

We care about our planet!

At Viemose DGS we care deeply about our planet and the environment. With our practices and products, we strive to create a future where the cultivation of vegetables is both cleaner and greener.

Our Moving Gutter System (MGS) is designed to reduce both energy and water consumption. Using our MGS will enable a production increase of 25-30% per square meter as opposed to conventional greenhouse benching systems, heavily reducing the energy consumption per plant. Moreover, by carefully adjusting the use of water according to the specific needs of the plant, the consumption of energy and water is minimized even more.

The irrigation water is furthermore collected in a return tank where it is purified and recycled. This prevents unnecessary use of both water and fertilizer and contributes to a cleaner and greener environment for all of us.

Our vertical farming solution helps promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization. It contributes to the reduction of the massive carbon footprint caused by transportation of cultivated goods, as it enables production to be located right next to the customers.

With our MGS and vertical farming system, we increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the horticultural sector while helping to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns by carefully controlling the resources used in production, avoiding unnecessary use of water, energy, fertilizer and transportation. Summed up, our systems enable a massive increase in production yields while using fewer resources.