Vertical Farming System

Designed to reduce labor, energy, transportation, land and water consumption!

Viemose DGS at the Forefront of Vertical Farming

Our Vertical Farming System is crafted to reduce labor, energy, and water usage. Moreover, it addresses the scarcity of land, a crucial resource in the horticultural industry in recent years.

Through our Vertical Farming System, you can amplify your production output without escalating costs or needing to expand your current facility or invest in new ones.

We propel your production straight into the future, enabling automated and cost-effective production near your end market, utilizing any available facility. Be it an existing greenhouse, a towering urban structure, an aging production warehouse, or even a basement unit.


The Evolution of Vertical Farming 

In recent years, the agricultural landscape has witnessed a transformative shift with the emergence of Vertical Farming. The innovative approach to cultivation is redefining the way we grow crops, offering solutions to challenges posed by Traditional Farming Methods.

Vertical Farming is a revolutionary method of growing crops in vertically stacked layers, utilizing controlled environment agriculture (CEA) technology. This includes the use of hydroponics, aeroponics, and other soil-less systems to provide optimal conditions for plant growth.

By embracing advanced techniques, Vertical Farming creates controlled environments where factors such as light, temperature, and humidity are meticulously regulated to optimize plant growth. This precision allows crops to thrive more efficiently compared to traditional soil-based farming methods. 

Overall, Vertical Farming represents a paradigm shift in agriculture, offering a promising solution to the challenges of feeding a growing global population while addressing concerns related to land scarcity, water usage, and climate change. 


Key Benefits of our Vertical Farming System:  

At Viemose DGS, we have merged the strengths of Vertical Farming with Horizontal Farming methods. Through the utilization of our innovative Moving Gutter System in a stacked layout, we have significantly optimized traditional indoor farming methods. Here are the key benefits:


  • Automated Workflow: We specialize in enhancing the efficiency of automated workflows within greenhouse operations, leading to reduced operating costs and more delicate treatment of plants.  


  • Space Efficiency: Our system allows for the cultivation of crops in urban areas where land is scarce. By stacking crops in layers, growers can maximize the use of available space, making it possible to establish farms in locations previously deemed unsuitable for agriculture. 


  • Year-Round Crop Production: The controlled environments in vertical farms enable year-round cultivation, irrespective of external weather conditions. This consistency ensures a reliable and steady supply of fresh produce, reducing dependence on seasonal fluctuations. 


  • Water Conservation: Hydroponic and aeroponic systems used in Vertical Farming require significantly less water compared to traditional soil-based farming. This water-efficient approach is crucial in addressing global water scarcity issues and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. Read more about how we utilize the Nutrient Film Technique.


  • Reduced Environmental Impact: Vertical Farming minimizes the need for large expanses of land, lowering the impact on natural ecosystems. Additionally, by eliminating the need for pesticides and reducing transportation distances, Vertical Farming contributes to a more environmentally friendly and sustainable food production system. 


How does Viemose DGS maximize the Benefits of our Vertical Farming System?  

Understanding the core elements and best practices essential for success is essential to maximize the benefits of Vertical Farming. We stress the importance of gaining a comprehensive understanding of these fundamental components and staying updated on Future Trends in the Vertical Farming industry. At Viemose DGS, we prioritize the following factors:


  • Choosing the Right Crops: We have extensive knowledge of the types of crops that thrive in vertical farming environments. We always consider factors such as growth rate, space requirements, and market demand as well as focus on high-value and fast-growing crops to maximize economic returns and efficiency. Read more about The Best Crops To Grow in Our Vertical Farming System.


  • Technology Integration: We integrate state-of-the-art technology, such as automated climate control, smart lighting systems, and data analytics, which enhance crop yields and operational efficiency. 


  • Sustainability Practices: We emphasize the sustainable aspects of Vertical Farming, including reduced water usage, minimal land footprint, and energy-efficient technologies. 


  • Urban Agriculture Trends: We explore the growing trend of Vertical Farms in urban areas, showcasing success stories and the positive impact on local communities. Read more about the trends within Urban Farming.


By combining these factors, we believe that our system will maximize your operations – including increased crop yields, resource efficiency, economic viability, and positive environmental impact.  

In conclusion, Vertical Farming represents a transformative approach to agriculture, offering sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by Traditional Farming Methods. We believe as the demand for fresh, locally sourced produce continues to rise, embracing Vertical Farming is not just a choice but a necessity for the future of food production. 


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