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We are proud to present our fully automated salad and herb growing system, the Moving Gutter System (MGS), which is designed, developed, and produced in our factory, ensuring you high quality and security. Our system is designed to reduce labor, energy, and water consumption by both reducing your production costs and your environmental footprint. 

Using our Moving Gutter System, you will enable a production increase of 25-30% per square meter as opposed to conventional greenhouse table systems, thereby heavily reducing the energy consumption per plant.

Moreover, by carefully adjusting the use of water according to the specific needs of the plant, the usage of energy and water is minimized even more. The system is adaptable to both existing greenhouses and is mountable in new sections. 

What is a Moving Gutter System? 

Moving Gutter Systems, also known as mobile or dynamic gutter systems, are an innovative feature in Vertical Farming that plays a crucial role in optimizing space, resource efficiency, and overall crop yield. This innovative system is engineered to enable the horizontal movement of plant beds or troughs along a gutter or rail, facilitating dynamic reconfigurations of the cultivation area layout. 

One of the primary advantages offered by our Moving Gutter Systems lies in its capacity to maximize greenhouse space utilization due to its design and complex automation. Through the flexible adjustment of gutter positions, cultivators can efficiently organize crop layouts, effectively utilizing available space. 


Our History in Indoor Farming

In 1988 we were the first company to develop and sell a Moving Gutter System. A system that is still in operation to this date in Denmark. Our system is designed to move plant beds or troughs horizontally along a track or rail, allowing for dynamic adjustments in the layout of the cultivation area. 

The concept of Moving Gutter Systems in agriculture has evolved over time, primarily driven by the need for more efficient use of space and resources in cultivation. While the specific history of Moving Gutter Systems in the context of vertical farming may not have a long trajectory, it is part of the broader narrative of agricultural innovation. 


The Benefits of Our Moving Gutter System

One of the key advantages of our Moving Gutter Systems is its ability to optimize space within a greenhouse. By adjusting the position of the gutters, growers can effectively manage the layout of crops, ensuring an efficient use of available space. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where space is limited, allowing for increased crop density without compromising on accessibility for maintenance or harvesting. 

The mobility of the Moving Gutter Systems also facilitates better control over environmental factors. Growers can reposition the gutters to capitalize on sunlight exposure throughout the day, enhancing the overall photosynthetic efficiency of plants. Additionally, by moving gutters, it becomes easier to manage temperature differentials within a greenhouse, ensuring that crops receive the ideal climatic conditions for growth. 

Efficient water management is another notable benefit of our Moving Gutter Systems. By adjusting the slope and orientation of the gutters, growers can control the drainage of water, preventing waterlogging and optimizing irrigation. This not only conserves water but also minimizes the risk of diseases associated with excess moisture. 


How does Viemose DGS optimize the benefits of our Moving Gutter System? 

For those looking to maximize the benefits, it is essential to understand the key components and best practices that drive success. We believe in the importance of gaining a comprehensive understanding of the essential elements and effective practices associated with our Moving Gutter Systems. In Viemose DGS, we emphasize the importance of the following factors:  


  • Improved Access for Maintenance: The mobility of the gutter systems facilitates easier access for maintenance tasks such as pruning, harvesting, and pest control. Growers can adjust the system to create temporary walkways or open spaces for better accessibility to individual plants. 


  • Precision Agriculture: Our Moving Gutter Systems are integrated with advanced sensor technologies and automation. This allows for precise control over environmental factors, including light intensity, temperature, and humidity. The integration of precision agriculture techniques enhances overall crop quality and resource efficiency.


  • Energy Efficiency: Our system can be designed to move plants closer to natural light sources or artificial lighting fixtures. By optimizing the exposure of plants to light, energy consumption can be reduced, making the vertical farming operation more energy efficient. 


  • Increased Crop Density: The dynamic nature of our Moving Gutter System allows for higher crop density compared to traditional farming methods. This increased density, combined with precise control over growing conditions, contributes to higher productivity within a limited space. 


  • Customization for Building Structures: Our system can be tailored to fit various building structures, making them suitable for both new constructions and retrofitting existing spaces. This adaptability makes our Moving Gutter Systems a viable option in diverse urban environments. 


  • Reduced Labor Costs: Automation and programmable controls in our system can significantly reduce the need for manual labor in terms of adjusting plant spacing. This not only streamlines operations but also contributes to cost savings. 


In summary, Moving Gutter Systems in Vertical Farming represent a dynamic and adaptive solution for optimizing space, increasing crop yield, and improving resource efficiency. We believe that our system, when integrated with advanced technologies, will play a pivotal role in the evolution of sustainable and high-yield Vertical Farming practices. 

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Our Moving Gutter System (MGS) is designed to reduce energy and water consumption, thereby reducing both your production costs and your environmental footprint.

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