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Revolutionizing Hydroponic Farming

NFT Systems and Moving Gutter Systems Join Forces – Revolutionizing Hydroponics 

In the world of indoor farming, innovation continues to redefine traditional methods, offering more efficient alternatives. One such innovation gaining traction is the fusion of two proven techniques: Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and Moving Gutter Systems.  

This combination represents a significant leap forward in hydroponic farming, promising enhanced plant growth, improved nutrient delivery, and increased yields. 

In this detailed exploration, we dive into how these two methods come together and what it means for the future of how we grow our food. 

Understanding NFT Systems  

The Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) is a hydroponic method where a thin film of nutrient-rich water flows over the plant roots, providing essential nutrients while maintaining oxygenation. This system maximizes nutrient absorption while minimizing water usage, making it highly efficient. 

In NFT systems, plants are grown in a shallow, sloping gutter or channel, with a thin film of nutrient-rich water flowing continuously over the plant roots. The roots are suspended in the channel, allowing them to absorb the necessary nutrients directly from the nutrient solution. This method eliminates the need for soil, as the plants receive all their essential nutrients directly from the water. 


How does a NFT System work?  

The Nutrient Film Technique operates as an active hydroponic system employing pumps to propel a slender layer of nutrient solution through shallow channels, enabling plant roots to immerse and absorb vital nutrients. This highly effective approach substantially diminishes water consumption. The principal components of an NFT system includes: 


  • Grow Trays/Channels: Characterized by shallow grow trays or channels, NFT systems demand less water for adequate plant sustenance. These trays can be gently inclined to facilitate the seamless movement of the nutrient solution. 


  • Water Pump: Central to the NFT system, the water pump facilitates the transfer of the nutrient solution from the reservoir to the grow trays. This element holds critical importance, as any malfunction could disrupt plant access to the solution, potentially resulting in wilting or plant demise. 


  • Air Stone/Air Pump: Serving to aerate and oxygenate the nutrient solution, the air stone fosters robust root development and mitigates root rot. Its bubbling action aids in the circulation of the nutrient solution, ensuring equitable nutrient access for all roots while averting the formation of stagnant water pockets that might harbor detrimental pathogens. 
NFT Systems applied to our Moving Gutter System
NFT Systems applied to our Moving Gutter System

Benefits of NFT Systems  

The Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) stands as a remarkably beneficial approach to hydroponic cultivation, celebrated for its diverse advantages tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of growers. Let’s further explore each benefit offered by NFT systems: 


  • Water Efficiency: NFT systems excel in water conservation, a crucial consideration in sustainable agriculture. By circulating a thin film of nutrient solution over plant roots, NFT minimizes water usage, addressing concerns over water scarcity. 


  • Space Utilization: When integrated with vertical farming practices, NFT maximizes space utilization, making it ideal for urban agriculture initiatives. This feature enables growers to cultivate crops in confined spaces, contributing to food security in densely populated areas. 


  • Increased Growth Rates: NFT systems promote accelerated plant growth through efficient nutrient absorption. By providing a continuous supply of nutrients directly to the roots, NFT facilitates shorter crop cycles and higher overall yields, enhancing productivity for growers. 


  • Year-Round Cultivation Feasibility: With NFT systems, growers can sustain production year-round, regardless of external weather conditions. This capability is particularly advantageous in regions with extreme climates, ensuring a consistent supply of fresh produce throughout the year. 


  • Ease of Automation: NFT systems streamline cultivation operations through automation, reducing manual intervention. By incorporating sensors and control systems, growers can monitor and adjust nutrient levels, pH, and other parameters, optimizing plant health and minimizing labor requirements. 


Which Crops are Best to Grow in NFT Systems?  

NFT systems are versatile and can be used to grow a wide variety of crops, particularly those with shallow root systems. Some common crops grown using NFT systems include: 


  • Leafy Greens: Lettuce, spinach, kale, arugula, and Swiss chard are popular choices for NFT cultivation due to their shallow root systems and high demand in markets. 


  • Herbs: Basil, cilantro, parsley, mint, and oregano thrive in NFT systems, providing fresh flavors and aromas for culinary purposes. 


  • Microgreens: Microgreens such as radish, broccoli, mustard, and sunflower are increasingly popular for NFT cultivation due to their rapid growth and high nutritional value. 
NFT System
Basil is a great crop to grow in NFT Systems

Utilizing Moving Gutter Systems with NFT setups 

At Viemose DGS, we implement an innovative approach by integrating the principles of the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) with the dynamic movement of Moving Gutter Systems. In our cutting-edge system, plant-filled gutters are set up akin to traditional NFT setups, with a continuous flow of nutrient-rich water nourishing the roots. 

What differentiates our method is the introduction of mechanized movement. Utilizing a track or conveyor belt system, our plant-filled gutters are gently propelled along a predetermined path. This orchestrated movement exposes the plants to varying light and airflow conditions, mirroring the fluctuations found in natural environments and fostering more consistent growth. 

This dynamic approach ensures uniform nutrient distribution and optimal root health. By continuously moving, our plants benefit from enhanced nutrient absorption, reduced risks of root binding, and minimized chances of stagnant water, thereby promoting robust growth and reducing the likelihood of diseases. 


Advantages of our Approach

By implementing dynamic movement in hydroponic farming, Moving Gutter Systems elevate the cultivation process to new heights. This infusion of motion brings forth numerous advantages to the growing environment: 


  • Enhanced Root Development: The periodic movement of gutters prevents root binding and encourages healthier root growth. 


  • Improved Light Exposure: Plants receive light from different angles as they move, promoting more uniform growth. 


  • Increased Oxygenation: Movement helps aerate the nutrient solution, preventing stagnation and root suffocation. 


The Synergy of NFT and Moving Gutter Systems Optimize Plant Growth  

By combining the nutrient delivery efficiency of NFT with the dynamic environment of Moving Gutter Systems, farmers can achieve unprecedented levels of plant growth and productivity.  

The combination of NFT and Moving Gutter Systems represents a paradigm shift in hydroponic farming, offering an efficient solution to meet the growing demand for fresh produce.  

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NFT systems represent an intriguing progress in the realm of hydroponics.

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