Moving Gutter System in USA

Soli Organic upgraded their Moving Gutter System

At Soli Organic (Formerly known as Shenandoah Growers) Viemose DGS delivered the first 8 lanes of a Moving Gutter System in the USA back in 2012 as they moved from outdoor production towards a more efficient indoor farming setup. Throughout the years we have upgraded their facilities with the latest lines of Moving Gutter System delivered in 2022 as an expansion of their current production capacity.

A production capacity that has made them the leading national grower of fresh, organic, and culinary herbs while also enabling their operations to be much closer to stores – lowering overall transportation and cold storage requirements.

Additionally, the company can get higher, more predictable yields in a shorter amount of time than would be possible in an outdoor field or a greenhouse. Its unit costs for organic produce rival outdoor field production and are considerably lower than those of any other indoor farm company in the states.

Prolonged customer relationships are key to our identity and values. When we work continuously with our customers for many years, we experience true value creation.

In essence; value for the bottom line, value for the climate, and value for the end user.


Pictures of the project are below.

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