Moving Gutter System in Japan

State-of-the-art Moving Gutter System

We recently installed a state-of-the-art Moving Gutter System for our customers in Japan. The delivery exemplifies our devotion to combining high-tech solutions with a low operating expense.

The fully automated production unit has 24 lines for full-size basil and 6 lines for teen leaf totaling 3,6 hectares of growing area in addition to a 0,4 hectares area for harvest, re-planting, gutter washing, and buffer area.

There is little doubt that the market is moving towards increasingly automated solutions that focus on low operating costs, low maintenance, and high durability. At Viemose DGS we provide exactly that.

We are especially proud of this project as it speaks volumes to our commitment to adapting to our customers and providing solutions tailored to their specific needs and expectations.


Pictures of the project are below.

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